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We prepare our children as fully as possible for their future in a changing and challenging world. We want them to be well equipped in all subjects so that they are able to make the most of their school careers.

Through the curriculum children develop independent thought, take responsibility for their own learning, value themselves and others and appreciate the world around them. There are many opportunities in music, the arts, sports and our lunchtime. We use the environment and provide a rich variety of experiences as a vital part of the curriculum.

Child Day care programs

Moms Love offers build strong foundations through secure relationships in a safe, secure environment so that every child may have success in school and beyond..

Child-Friendly Transportation

Mom’s Kindergarten Has a safe Children Transportation. We have a safe and reliable shuttle service that are designed to meet the unique needs of children. With us by your side, your kids will never have to walk a mile or two just to come home or get to where they need to be on time.