What makes Mom’s Love Kindergarten a great school?

Moms Love Kindergarten is a great place to learn. We offer our children rich and imaginative learning experiences. When your child starts with us you become part of our very special school community. We build it around your child and your family through social events and utilising parent’s skills and enthusiasm..

Working and learning together When you visit and walk around our school, there is an undeniable, unifying element: children and teachers who all enjoy working and learning together. Our lessons are creative, exciting and personalised. .

High expectations

We set high expectations within a supportive Christian ethos. Our children have the opportunity to represent the school in competitive sport and every child will have learnt a least one musical instrument by the time they leave us. children say that “Everyone is encouraging in all that they do” and “someone is always there for you.”.

Child-Friendly Transportation

Mom’s Kindergarten Has a safe Children Transportation. We have a safe and reliable shuttle service that are designed to meet the unique needs of children. With us by your side, your kids will never have to walk a mile or two just to come home or get to where they need to be on time.